• Boxing Beginners (1Hr)

Learn basic boxing techniques/drills and conditioning, to help you have a basic understanding of the art of boxing and it application, while helping you increase fat loss.

  • Heartbreak Honeys (30 mins)

This is your female’s only strength conditioning and cardio circuit, to increase lean, toned muscle and get rid of the fat faster than any other training method.

  • Heartbreak Strength (1Hr)"

Measured strength, work, as a team you will monitor you strength and improvements to better improve your strength for everyday life and sporting performance.

  • Heartbreak Power (1Hr)"

Utilize explosive movements, Olympic lifting, mass weight and plyometric movement to increase power, and is most beneficial for sports.

  • Heartbreak Athlete (1Hr)

This is all about, multi plain movements specific to sports utilizing band training, vertimax, ladders and agility work to further increase your athleticism.

  • Heartbreak Outdoors Beginners/Advanced (1Hr)

This is heartbreak at its purest form, outside in the park in the elements hot or cold, full body conditioning blast that will test you, to become a part of the heartbreak crew.

  • Heartbreak Fat Blast (30 mins)

This is the most high intensity fat burn session that you’ll find, interval training utilizing bikes, rowing, boxing, weighted sprints, body weight exercises for 30 hard minutes.

  • Heartbreak Kettlebell (45mins)

Learn the fundamental movements and exercises of one the most versatile and functional exercise tools on the planet, the kettlebell. Heartbreak Coaches will take you through a effective full body strength and conditioning session to take your functionality to whole new levels.