Black Belt - Leandro Torres De Silva

Leo is a Black belt under Haroldo Ribiero, Haroldos Professor is none other than Andre Pederneiras coach of world UFC champ Jose Aldo. Professor Leo Has been here coaching for 4 years and his students at Heartbreak have had massive success in local and Natioanal Brazilian jujitsu competitions with a 90% win strike rate.

Leo is available for one on one provate sessions too.

Api Hemara -  MMA coach

Api has been involved with MMA for 16 years since 2001 and is one of the pioneers for polynesian/Maori MMA in Australasia. All up Api has 20yrs Martial Arts experience, 16 years MMA experience as well as competitive experice in Muay thai, Boxing, BJJ (purple belt under Black belt Andrew Dearsley), Wrestling - having trained closely with NCAA DIV 1 wrestler Danny Galvan and Street Martial Arts. His skill set brings a lot of value to anyone wanting to pursue MMA or learn self defense.